Raised Waffles


  • 1 package active dry yeast
  • ¼ cup warm water (105 to 115 degrees)
  • 1¾ cups lukewarm milk (scalded then cooled)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cup butter or margarine, softened
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour*


  1. In large mixer bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water.
  2. Add remaining ingredients; beat until smooth.
  3. Cover; let rise in warm place 1½ hours.
  4. Stir down batter.
  5. Cover again; refrigerate 8 to 12 hours.
  6. Stir down batter.
  7. Pour from cup or pitcher onto center of hot waffle iron.
  8. Bake about 5 minutes or until steaming stops.
  9. Remove waffle carefully.

**If using self-rising flour, omit salt.


  • Raised Pancakes: Pour batter from ¼-cup measuring cup or from tip of large spoon onto hot griddle. (Grease griddle lightly if necessary.) Turn pancakes as soon as they are puffed and full of bubbles - but before bubbles break. Bake other side until golden brown.
  • Mock Belgian Waffles: Break waffles into sections. In chilled bowl, beat 1 cup chilled whipping cream and 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar until stiff; fold in 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries or 1 package (16 ounces) frozen sliced strawberries, thawed and well drained. Put waffle sections together in pairs with strawberry-whipped cream mixture. Sprinkle confectioners’ sugar over each waffle sandwich.
  • Pecan Waffles: For each waffle, sprinkle ¼ cup chopped pecans on heated waffle grids. Close iron; heat about 3 minutes or until nuts are golden brown. Pour batter over nuts and bake as directed above. Serve waffles with maple syrup and Honey Butter: Whip ½ cup soft butter and ½ cup honey until fluffy.