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Create a CSR and Import a Third-Party SSL Certificate for MDaemon

MDaemon does not have a method of creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for you in order to obtain a third party SSL certificate issued by a Trusted Root Authority (such as Verisign or GoDaddy). In the past, we have recommended installing Internet Information Server (IIS) and using it to generate the certificate request, but that may be difficult for Administrators who are not used to working with that product or who do not wish to install IIS on their server. Windows has a command line utility, certreq.exe that will allow you to create a certificate request and import the new certificate into the Windows Certificate Store, where it can be used with MDaemon.

The example below will generate a CSR for a 2048 bit key length certificate.

Install the certificate:

Using SSL with WorldClient

If you don’t have any certificates listed in the Select Certificate window you can create your own in the Create Certificate section

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